28 March 2004
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Stock Control

Our Inventory System provides real time stock updates and print invoicing, purchase order, and delivery order.more...

Property Sales System

PSPS) is to simplify and improve internal screening and make agents more productive . more...

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We provides total software solutions and professional services for the global IT market. Our goals is to improve time saving and more efficiently to maximize return on client IT Investments that meet their budget.

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Customize Software Development

Stress handling your dairy paper work? Run out of time focus on your business? We are here to provide help to replace your manual paper system


Our in-house consulting service is offering you complete consulting services, to ensure your business performance up and running quickly and smoothly

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Online Marketing

Our goal is simple. We will increase awareness of your products, services and gain competitive advantage in the overcrowding market.

E-Commerce / Web Development

You deserve a unique web site that is visually appealing, functional and easy to navigate, while enhancing the professional image of your business.
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