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External 2.5" HDD Enclosure

External 2.5" HDD Enclosure


2.5" HardDisk Enclosure with Shock Protection Jacket USB1.1/2.0/1394 Firewire Interface, Scanlogic Chipset

- Available in USB V.1.1, V.2.0, Firewire IEEE 1394A & Combo USB V.2.0 Firewire IEEE 1394A version
- Support standard IDE HDD and CDROM/CD-RW
- Support two power modes of operation - USB Bus Powered or Self Powered
- Compact size, ideal for portable usage
- Support Hot-Swap and Wake-Up Resume
- Optional Shock Protection Jacket

USB V.1.1 (For USB V.1.1 version)
- USB version 1.1 compliant
- Support full speed (12Mbps)
- Support ATA PIO modes

USB V2.0 (For USB V.2.0 & Combo version)
- USB version 2.0 compliant
- Compliant to USB Mass Storage Class Bulk - Only Specification Version 1.0
- Support high-speed (480Mbps) and full speed (12Mbps)
- Support ATA PIO and UDMA modes

Firewire IEEE 1394A (For Firewire IEEE 1394A & Combo version)

- Compliant with IEEE 1394A-1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus and 1394A PHY
- Sustained IDE rate of 25Mbytes/sec (200Mbps), Peak transfer rate of 50Mbytes/sec (400Mbps)
- Fully ATA

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